White Board Man, a Writer and a Cruel Editor

Some people write because it helps them think. I write because it helps me stop thinking.

I regularly find myself on idea overload. Before I know it, I’m at a white board, Good Will Hunting style: writing like a mad man and drawing like a bad impressionist. It works, but the method must be combined with a product of some kind: prose.

Prose is like a pause button. It forces you to think about the big picture in one freeze frame. Unlike ideas, prose stays in place, on paper, until you press play again. The pause/play function of writing helps me to see everything in sequence and understand how it all fits together.

Writing eventually runs into the big, bad editor. When you’re both the white board guy, and the pedantic editor, you have trouble being satisfied. So what do you do? In Seth Godin’s words, you ship it: You improve it, you get over the notion of making it perfect, and then you let the world see it.

This blog is about the process: the how.

For now, I’ll say this (I’ll explain later):

– Writing is rewriting

– Editing is a process

– Life happens before, during and after a thought hits paper.

Deciding what motivates you is paramount. My motivation is Bible study. What’s yours? Decide now.

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