Failing May Mean Success

Successful people fail often. They generate bad ideas until they find a good one. They launch failing products until one is successful and makes up for all the rest. Nothing can replace the learning curve. Don’t believe me? Watch this video.

Now ask yourself: why not? What have you got to lose? Go try something. You may be successful. You may fail. But at least you learned. Next time, your chances of success will be higher. (It’s as if all hands on deck are telling me this message recently: Seth Godin and Scott Berkun, to name specifics.)

I’m not saying, “Go out there and be stupid. I’m also not saying, “Go out there and create something just because you can. And feel free to go bankrupt in the process.”

I’m saying something entirely different: “You have dreams for a reason. Ideas are in your head for a reason. Stop saying no to them, and start pursuing the best of them.” Because if you don’t pursue your ideas, you may die and the opportunity will die with you. Sounds extreme, but hey, you only get one chance at life. I didn’t make up the rules.

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