Post-Traumatic Ship Syndrome

Post-Traumatic Ship Syndrome (PTSS). A real problem in the real world. Primarily caused by under-preparing, escapism prompted by a nearing ship date, or poor planning.

PTSS Symptoms:

  • Afraid of what “they” might think
  • Hyperventilating
  • Suddenly remembering all the things you forgot to include
  • Worry and anxiety
  • Wanting to change a process, function, or premise at the last-minute
  • A full inbox, and too many sent messages
  • Angry with your publisher, your boss, your editor, or your colleagues
  • Very afraid of what “they” might think

Most likely people to suffer from PTSS:

  • Those who don’t ship often
  • People obsessed with the details
  • Bureaucrats
  • People who love the system

Known cures for PTSS:

  • Ship often
  • Set aside the details in favor of the big picture
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Be willing to accept that mistakes are part of reality
  • Accept that you ship more than “them,” which makes it easy for “them” to accuse you
  • Decide that you will make “ship it” part of your vocabulary
  • Change the system; don’t become part of it
  • Once you ship a project, decide that it’s done–don’t go back on your word

Have you suffered from post-traumatic ship syndrome (PTSS)? How do you overcome it?

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