Would You Cry If They Left?

Would you want to cry if they left your team? Would it make your life miserable? Would your team suffer if that person started working on my team? If so, then I probably want to hire them.

I don’t want the employee that another manager will easily part with. I want the person they think they can’t live without.

Ask yourself: Could you hire someone to do your job, tomorrow? If the answer is yes, then you need to rethink the way you do your job. You need to change your job description. Figure out what your unique skill set is and then do that. After that, find your calling and pursue that.

I want to work on a team of people that challenge me.

I want to go to work everyday thinking, “I’m not good enough to be this team’s leader.” Because if I don’t feel that way, then my team is not making me better—they’re not making us better.

Incredible teams produce incredible projects, and incredible projects can change the world.

If I want to change the world, I need an incredible team who will turn me into an incredible leader.

I don’t feel good enough today, so today we’re on track. I hope I don’t feel good enough tomorrow. How do you feel?

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