Frustrated? It’s for a Reason

Sometimes amazing things are started out of frustration. Other times, they’re created because someone wants to make a profit. And at other moments, the new comes to be simply because it seemed like a good idea.

Cameron Strang has some great reasons for creating Relevant, as this video illustrates. (And he rides a Vespa in the epic of MxPx. That dumb joke is for Cameron; don’t worry, he will get it.)

And the Relevant crew went beyond good motives. Relevant is compelling, well written, and elegantly designed. I’ve been continually impressed with their dedication to a product they believe in and are proud of. Although I may not agree with everything they publish—I don’t agree with everything we publish—I think they’ve accomplished something great among a generation that was leaving the Church. Their dedication to the vision God has placed on their hearts, even when they weren’t sure if their publication would make money, is admirable and inspirational.

But it’s not this that impresses me most: I’m most impressed by their decision to continue to follow God’s unique calling upon their lives. Reject Apathy is an example of this. Cameron and the Relevant team realized that there was no publication filling the niche of solid information on how to help the poorest people in the world, and they did something about it. They gave a resource about acting on your convictions to the generation they had helped awaken. And they offer Reject Apathy for free with a subscription to Relevant.

This type of dedication should inspire us, and not just us publishers—all of us. Each of us have a niche to fill. We must follow what God calls us to do.

What’s making you frustrated? And what are you going to do about it?

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