Looking for More Time? Book Review: Time Traps

Time Traps: Proven Strategies for Swamped Salespeople by Todd Duncan (Nashville: Nelson Business, 2004).

Todd Duncan in Time Traps suggests multiple strategies for focusing our time and effort on profitable tasks (both in business and in our personal lives). As an author of a Wall Street Journal bestseller, founder of the Duncan group, and leading expert in sales and life mastery, Duncan has spent many years conceptualizing how a sales person (or any person for that matter) can better manage the way they use their time.

In juxtaposition to the phrase “time management,” Duncan argues that no one can control time, they can merely learn to manage the way they use it. Thus, we must intentionally place boundaries on how much time we spend on various tasks (e.g., phone calls, emails, paperwork, etc.) and focus at least half our day on completing profitable, measurable tasks (pg. 44–50).

Though the author offers a great deal of practical advice for doing so, some of his advice seems impractical in many work environments (e.g., turning off email and instant messaging alerts, when most important communication in the work place happens this way; hiring an assistant, when the project or individual cannot afford to do so). Duncan states that these examples will payout shortly after they are done, but just because he has witnessed examples of it working for certain people does not mean it will work for everyone.

In spite of these critiques, Duncan’s very valuable pointers for thoughtfully planning how each hour in the day is spent and measuring success by the completion of profitable tasks, makes his book a worthwhile read, especially for salespeople. 4 stars.


(I read this book as part of Logos Bible Software’s “Read for Cash” program. The author and/or publisher in no way influenced my review. However, the links above are affiliate links, which means I will receive a very small amount if you click them and then make a purchase.)

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