Creating Jobs and Empowering Women: My Birthday Dedication

This year, I’m dedicating my birthday to empowering women from impoverished communities. A woman empowered through business can lift her entire family out of poverty.

I remember the day that I decided that the organization I lead, Jesus’ Economy, would create an Empowering Women program. Here’s the story.

It was a hot and humid day in Bihar, India. (Bihar is a state in Northeast India, near the Nepal border.) A woman placed her hands in mine and began to weep. She said, “I can now afford to keep my kids in school, but keeping food on their plates often feels impossible. I am constantly facing the decision of whether to eat or pay for school supplies or clothing for my children. Will you pray for me and my children?” She could pay for her kids to go to school through her sewing work, which she learned via a non-profit sewing school, but her business needed a boost.

From that moment forward, I decided that I could not live in a world where a woman had to choose between eating that day and sending her kids going to school. I decided that we would do something about it.

Today, we’re working on this problem. We’ve designed an innovative program that will teach women who have seamstress and tailoring skills how to develop products for a western market. We will then help them take their products to market via our Fair Trade Shop and locally. We will also teach them how to scale a business and move through a product development cycle. We will teach them how to manage a business with ethical, fair trade practices in mind that will not just bless their families but also create jobs for others.

A woman empowered through business can lift her entire family out of poverty. Imagine the renewal we can bring to families from impoverished communities, simply through commerce.

For all these reasons, I’m dedicating my birthday to empowering women in Northeast India.

Learn more and donate on my birthday dedication page.


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