About John

I’m John. Here are some basic facts about me.

I’m: CEO, President, and Founder of Jesus’ Economy | Missionary with Resurrect Church Movement | General Editor of Faithlife Study Bible | Editor of Lexham Bible Dictionary | Editor and Video Speaker for DIY Bible Study | An Author | A Public Speaker | A Minister | Author of Over 150 Published Articles | President and Regular Preacher for the The Table

I formerly served as: Founding Publisher of Lexham Press for Faithlife Corporation, makers of Logos Bible Software | Editor-in-Chief of Bible Study Magazine

I’m the author of: The Resurrected Servant in Isaiah | Transcription of Codex Alexandrinus (with Textual Notes) | Hebrews: How Jesus Speaks into EverythingColossians: Being Like JesusJames: Simply the GospelMalachi: Easy Doesn’t Change the World1 Peter: We Are RefugeesLetters to a ChristianCutting Ties with Darkness: 2 Corinthians 

I’m the coauthor of: Connect the Testaments: A 365-Day Devotional with Bible Reading Plan | Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan | 2 Peter & Jude: Contend for the Faith 

I’m the title editor of: Jacob: Discerning God’s Presence | Lexham Bible Guide: 1 Corinthians | Lexham Bible Guide: 2 Corinthians

I’m the title coeditor of: Bible Study Magazine 2008–2009Moment with God: A Devotional on Every Biblical BookStudy Like a Pro: Explore Difficult Passages from Every Book of the BibleBible Word Studies: A How-to GuideSpread the Word: 12 Christians Leaders on Church GrowthSpeak the Word: 12 Christians Leaders on Communicating the Truth | Study the Word: 12 Christians Leaders on Bible Study The Bible in the Real World: 31 Inspiring Interviews The Gospel Works Everywhere: 14 Inspiring Stories from Around the World The Bible in Its Ancient Context: 23 Fresh Insights When the Bible is Complicated: Answers to Perplexing Questions

I also previously served as: Director, Preacher and Co-Founder of Forward Ministries | Director of Bellingham’s Water for India Drive | Co-Chairman of the Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board for Whatcom County | A Community Relations Coordinator for One Day’s Wages | The Treasurer for a Mission to the Homeless | The President of a Church Plant | Freelance Editor | Research and Teaching Assistant at Trinity Western University | Transcriber for the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation | Drafter in the Oil Industry

By age 24, I had published over 70 articles (both scholastic and general titles) and was featured as an expert blogger in Theology on ConversantLife.com. I took Faithlife Corporations’s first print publication, Bible Study Magazine, from conception to reality in under six months. Library Journal ranked it one of the top 10 magazines launched in 2008.

My articles have been featured on high-profile web sites and I’ve been interviewed by national radio hosts and well-known publications. I have professionally studied Greek, Hebrew, and Syriac, and have a working knowledge of Aramaic and Latin. I live in “the city of subdued excitement,” Bellingham, Washington, with my wife and our dog.

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See my Curriculum Vitae / Resume and Additional Qualifications here. (This CV and this page was last updated October 30, 2016.)

Contact Me: For things related to Jesus’ Economy and Resurrect Church Movement, email me at john[at]jesuseconomy[dot]org. For everything else, email me at john[at]johndbarry[dot]com.